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Welcome to Village Eyes Optometry.  Click here for an introduction to the friendly doctors at Village Eyes:

We welcome you to Village Eyes Optometry. Our eye doctors want to give you a great eye exam!

Village Eyes Optometry is an optometric vision care center located in Westwood Village, a suburb of West Los Angeles in the city of Los Angeles. We have been practicing family vision care since 1974. We have five doctors on staff at Village Eyes Optometry. The practice was founded by Dr. Jon D. Vogel in 1974. Dr. Vogel's son, Dr. Lorin E. Vogel, joined the practice several years ago. In addition, we have three excellent independent practitioners that practice from Village Eyes facilities: Dr. Bahareh Golbahar, Dr. Annie Hu-Duval and Dr. Donna Weiss.

Here are some of the services that we offer to our patients:
We are contact lens specialists and we offer contact lens fitting for all types of contact lens products including soft, soft toric, disposable and non-disposable contact lenses, rigid gas permeable contact lenses, as well as lenses for special purposes and special conditions. including multifocal soft and gas permeable multifocal lenses.  We fit custom lenses for post surgical complications and keratoconus. We carry the latest hybrid contact lenses as well as special large diameter scleral lenses for difficult to fit corneas. We also have colored lens options for those patients that want to enhance their eye color. Finally, we offer special contact lenses for corneal molding or "orthokeratology" that can actually improve nearsightedness to the point that a patient's vision is improved so much that no contacts or eyeglasses are needed during waking hours.  We are very excited about new research that is showing that it may be possible to control or manage myopia through the usage of specially designed contact lenses. This is especially important for children that have a family history of myopia and are showing the development of myopia at an early age.  There is also evidence that a special type of soft multifocal contact lens available at Village Eyes can be helpful in controlling myopia. 

In addition to the above we treat eye diseases such as glaucoma, eye infections, scratched corneas, pink eye, dry eyes, blepharitis, and eye allergies. We offer urgency and emergency eye treatment for our patients. We also provide consultations to patients considering cosmetic eye surgery.

We have a full service optical boutique on the premises, and we feature the latest fashion eyewear, ophthalmic lenses, and special lens treatments to make the lenses scratch resistant and glare free. We carry a great selection of non-prescription fashion sunglasses and reading glasses. We also have our own in house laboratory which allows us us to provide the highest quality eyeglasses fabrication in a timely manner.

We invite you to visit our office and we welcome you as patients.

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