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Myopia Control

We are excited to offer to our patients a new concept in controlling myopia. This is especially significant for children who have parents that have myopia.  

What is Myopia and what is its significance?

Myopia or nearsightedness refers to a condition of the eyes in which light passes through the eye and focuses before it gets to the retina.  Over two billion people currently have myopia. Prior methods of treatment have all centered upon ways to compensate for the condition but not attempt to slow it down.  The methods include eyeglasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery. These methods are very successful in compensating for myopia but until recently there was no methodology for stopping or slowing down the development of myopia prior to it becoming a significant hindrance.  We now have evidence that there is a way to slow down and control the condition of myopia in many patients before it gets to a level that can affect the eye health of individuals that experience it.  

How Prevalent is myopia worldwide?

30% of the world’s population is currently myopic.  It is predicted that by the year 2050 about half of the world’s population will be myopic.  That’s 5 billion people. These changes have been dramatically increasing over the last 20 years.  

Why does a child become myopic?

Several factors can contribute to a child’s potential for becoming myopic.  These include the following:

  1. Whether one or more of the parents has myopia

  2. The amount of near work the child participates in including reading and computer usage

  3. The amount of time the child spends outdoors

  4. The ethnicity of the child (Asians have a greater propensity for developing myopia)

  5. The degree of myopia experienced by the parents


Los Angeles Myopia Control™ is LA's premier myopia control clinic offering state of the art technology and decades of combined experience. Since 1971 we have been located in Westwood Village in West Los Angeles next to UCLA. We have seven doctors on staff at Los Angeles Myopia Control.

Los Angeles Myopia Control™ is part of Village Eyes Optometry, one of Los Angeles’ premier optometric practices operating in Westwood Village since 1971.  In addition to Dr. Jon Vogel, the practice boasts the talents of Dr. Bahareh Golbahar, Dr. Annie Hu-Duval, Dr. Tenie Avanessian, Dr. Lorin Vogel, and Dr. Donna Weiss.  

The doctors at Los Angeles Myopia Control recognize the many risks of not controlling myopia and are here to help parents in this journey.  We are here to ensure all patients the best possible vision performance by providing the highest quality vision and eye health care possible in a comfortable, professional, and “patient friendly” environment. We will keep overall patient wellness and understanding as first priorities in everything we do. We will maintain the highest health care standards, state of the art instrumentation, and commitment to continued improvement in our profession.

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